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Best Online Tools Sites

1. All in one Site for mostly using tools.. you will find all at one place

Click below link for do it more..


online-toolz.com provides below tools in online

JSON Formatter
Text Encryption – Decryption
Character Map
Scientific Calculator
Currency Converter
Random Text Generator
CSS Minifier
Javascript Minifier
Javascript Obfuscator
MD5 Generator
SHA1 Generator
PHP URL Encoder- Decoder
JS Escape Functions
Text – Base64 Conversion
Text – Hex Conversion
Text – Binary Conversion
Hex – Binary Conversion
Text – HTML Entites Conversion
Unicode Encode/Decode
Unicode – HTML Entites Conversion
String Functions
Character Functions
Timestamp to Date Functions
XPATH Tester
XSLT Transformation
XML Validator
XML Formatter
HTML Validator
HTML Formatter
RegExp Editor
JSON Editor
JSON to XML Conversion
Color Chooser
Password Generator
Verify Email
What is my IP ?
Word Cloud Generator
Linux Command Examples
R Packages List
Java Compiler & IDE *
Favicon Generator *
Text Diff *
HTTP API Tester *
Broken Link Checker *
CSV to XML Convertor *
Image To Base64 Convertor *
Base64 To Image Convertor *
Code Block to String *
Word Counter *
JSON Validator *
XML Viewer *
CSS Validator *
Javascript Validator *
XML Escape *
Unit Convertors *
Credit Card Validator *
Credit Card Random Generator *
Javascript Formatter *
Java Editor *
CSV to JSON Convertor *
SQL Editor *
Javascript Editor *
Delimited Column Extractor *
AWK Online *
Duplicates Remover *
Empty Lines Remover *
Remove & Replace Line Breaks *
Sort Text *
Color Converter *
Advanced Encryption *
CSS Beautifier *
Number to words *
SERP Checker *
Word to HTML *
HTML to PHP Convertor *
HMAC Generator *
EXCEL to XML Converter *
Python Formatter *
Ruby Formatter *
C Formatter *
C++ Formatter *
MD5 Decrypter *
SHA1 Decrypter *